KarangStone.com – Mosaic Pebble Stone Tiles Supplier

Welcome to Karang Stone! We sell variants of natural stone tiles from natural pebble stones and mosaic with high quality in various type pebble tiles, sliced pebble, standing pebble, loose pebble, gravel, pebble border, pebble pot, mosaic tile, mosaic stick, mosaic parquet, wall cladding, and mosaic border. You can buy good quality pebble stone tiles with very interesting prices. From Indonesia, we ship to major ports worldwide.

Your advantages with us:

  • We have years of experience in supplying pebbles for mosaic pebbles industry, even before we were incorporated. We know which stones are best and yield best results.
  • Being a supplier and a manufacturer, we save costs and we retain quality from raw materials to end products. You get reasonably lower price for better products.
  • Our workers have good experiences in Quality Control that makes perfect our products.
  • For exclusiveness, each customer has different design of mosaic. You can order your own custom design.
  • We use supporting materials of best quality for our mosaic products.
  • We ship to major ports worldwide.

See one of the beach in Nusa Tenggara Timur – Indonesia, where Karang Stone obtained its natural pebbles in traditional, nature-friendly ways

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